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Welcome to Natural Wool Ireland

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A Bit About Us

Behind the Scenes

Natural Wool Ireland is wool from my small flock of Romney sheep farmed in South Wicklow, Ireland.  This is a beautifully soft wool, which is available in its natural form, or a variety of colours.  Hand dyed in small batches on my 75 year old Aga, creating a unique product.

The farm has been in my family for generations and sheep have always been an important part of it.  My flock of Romney Sheep are ethically farmed and contribute to the biodiversity and sustainability of my land.

I select my breeding flock for their wool, and Romney wool has a long staple and great crimp – so it is excellent as yarn for knitting, weaving, crochet, and as rovings for spinners.

The flock is shorn annually in late spring.  Sheep’s wool is a renewable, biodegradable and sustainable product.  It is also flame retardant, odour resistant and easy-care, making it the ideal choice for durable long-lasting eco products.

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